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Donald B. Holsinger makes this comment:
Obama’s Conscious War on Religious Freedom (
Monday, 12 November 2012
President Obama has not asked congress to pass a law which would require LDS bishops marry same sex couples. We doubt that he will every try to do that. Remember that it is the legislative branch of government that makes laws in America. We represent the Church at the UN of Geneva. The work of the Church, including its image in the world, is made harder by misrepresentations and the peddling of fear about what might happen. The US government including its permanent mission at the UN, believe that tolerance and respect and equality before the law are the best public policy.

Dear Mr. Holsinger,
What are you saying? That we should not do anything until it is too late because it makes your job harder? Blame it all on congress because nothing bad has ever come from an executive order? I beg to differ--see links below.

The administration is also doing the same thing abroad by threatening other countries with aid cuts unless they accept/teach LGBT doctrines & practices.

This is literally killing those countries by reversing any gains they had made in curbing AIDS. As you are a UN representative, I am sure you are aware of this edict linked below.  I don't believe my church would condone this, the same as they do not condone fear mongering.

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US Constitution, Article 6

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