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Priority Populations

Health services research has consistently documented the persistent, and at times great, disparities in health status and access to appropriate health care services for certain groups. The Agency's reauthorization legislation, the Healthcare Research and Quality Act of 1999 (Public Law 106-129) mandated the creation of an Office of Priority Populations to continue and build the research and associated activities that AHRQ undertakes on health care for priority populations to eliminate disparities. These populations include racial and ethnic minorities, women, children (including adolescents), the elderly, people with special needs (disabilities, chronic illness, end-of-life issues), low income populations and those from inner-city and rural (including frontier) areas with health care delivery issues.

In FY 2000, AHRQ developed the structure for the Agency's Office of Priority Populations Research (OPPR) to continue focusing on developing science-based information to address issues of access to care, outcomes, quality, and the cost and use of services for each of these priority populations. In 2001 the Office of Priority Populations Research was established. A nationwide search is currently underway to recruit a leader in the field to serve as the Director of that office. Until a Director is recruited, the Deputy Director of the Agency has responsibility for overseeing OPPR priorities.

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