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The Threat to All Family Law Precedent

A Vermont judge has granted sole custody of 7-year-old Isabella Miller to the former lesbian partner of her mother, Lisa Miller. However, the Virginia Court of Appeals will hear oral argument on December 9 on Lisa's request that Virginia not enforce any of the Vermont custody orders.

Lisa became a Christian years ago. She renounced homosexuality and has raised Isabella alone in Virginia. Janet Jenkins, the lesbian with whom Lisa shared her life prior to becoming a Christian, lives in Vermont and has had little contact with Isabella. She is neither biologically nor legally related to Isabella.

Vermont Family Court Judge William Cohen showed little understanding of the case or sensitivity to children. He claimed the change in parental custody, which includes moving to a new home, school, and state to live with a virtual stranger, would cause some disruption for Isabella but would not be out of the norm for a child.

This decision could influence custody battles beyond Vermont. It treats a partner in a civil union no differently than a biological or legal parent in a custody battle.

The Virginia Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments at 2:00 p.m. on December 9 in Alexandria, Virginia.

Please pray that the Virginia Court of Appeals will uphold natural law and Virginia's laws. Virginia's constitution and statutes affirm marriage is between one man and one woman.

Pray that the judges will not place homosexual demands above the law by ignoring the constitution they have sworn to uphold.

Pray that they will have compassion on a little girl and not allow homosexual activists to use children as pawns in their war for affirmation.

From Concerned Women for America

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