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I am a cancer survivor. I am as against “Obamacare” as anything I have ever been opposed to in my life! I am desperate to get the word out.

One of my senators, Warner D-VA, replied to my complaint against nationalized health care with a perky read-between-the-lines bill of his own which he plans to introduce. I wrote back with my own translation of his cost-control-via-euthanasia bill and a plea that he NOT push that bill. I have not heard a response. I know why United Health (my own insurer) would, but why in heaven’s name would AARP endorse such a bill? The bill, similar to all the bills put forward to date, advocates the elderly or anyone having complex medical needs (i.e. high costs) be sent home to die!

Please, for anyone who has elderly parents/grandparents or had to navigate the health care industry through a life threatening illness, I beg you, call your Congressperson today, write them a letter both on-line & snail mail! Help family & neighbors get the contact information–whatever you can do to facilitate the outcry necessary to get the powers that be to BACK OFF!

K. Outzen

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