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More Evidence of the "NEWS" CON, I asked for it, I got it! Thanks Political Derby! Thanks YOUTUBE!

This is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to a friend earlier this week regarding the bias & outright CON the "NEWS" has become:

"The Alamo, what a great symbol! Can't wait to see how the media spins this one. I was in DC for the inaugurations, Fed. Marriage Amendment, & to watch Justice Roberts' confirmation hearings. A Washington Post reporter talked to me during one & when I'd answer her questions which didn't jive with the "angle" of her story, she would twist the question until she could get the answer she wanted out of me. It was toward the end of the day, Biden was giving a press conf. behind us (I wanted to puke whenever he spoke because he is the definition of the word "conniving") & when he was done, she needed to have her quotes & go w/her co-worker/photographer so she wanted what she wanted & I didn't fit the bill & she was so frustrated because we were the last group of the day to watch the hearings & no one was left to support her view of things.
That same morning I saw, for the millionth time here, how the "favored" groups actually had real appointments with the television news stations to set up their tiny bands of people, get their photo op (which make it look like 20 people equal 200 or more) & interviews then shut it down for the day & go have a beer together when it was all over. It was the saddest most sickening feeling to see that happen again. This last time there were about 20 women in pink t-shirts (code pink) who had a sign and met the camera crew, shook hands, asked if the backdrop was ok, they adjusted their direction a little to account for the sunlight, then on cue began yelling & screaming vile things about John Roberts. After about 2-3 minutes of this, the network tv crews said they had enough & they all left. Never mind there were about 2000+ people in line through the park waiting to be herded into the hearing room rotating 40 @ a time, about a quarter of whom were wearing bright green t-shirts supporting the nomination. No one from the big network markets ever took a picture of the line, or interviewed anyone--just a few small newspaper reporters from very small towns in the west/midwest.
It'll be interesting to see the real score from real video/phone cameras of the people who do attend these things."

Well, I really wanted to see behind the scenes--ask & you shall receive--Political Derby posted this one, after CNN cameras stopped rolling:

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